The war Blitzkrieg started in September 1st,1937, when Germany invaded Poland. Other armies in France and Poland were still stuck in the previous war which was the "Phoney War". They spent their defense budget building a line of super trenches. Both spent much too little budget. The war Blitzkrieg was in the world war 2 (WW2). The war Blitzkrieg means “Lighting War”. It means Lighting War because the Blitzkrieg was a “lighting fast” attack. The name was first used by Germans. There were many weapons in the war. The weapons used were tanks, planes, and artillery. (Artillery is guns). The war took place in Europe. The German forces invaded Soviet Union in June 1941.
When Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, the U.S. joined the war on December 7th, 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Soon Germany surrendered on May 7th 1945 and Japan also surrendered on August 14th 1945. And that’s when the Blitzkrieg war ended.

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