Battles on the Solomon Islands
The Battles on Solomon Islands. There were many battles on the Solomon Islands. Together, these battles are known as the battle on Eastern Solomons. battle happened after the American landings on Guadalcanal, which is an island of the Solomon Islands. This battle took place on August 23- 25 1942 ( ).This was the first major carrier battle (a cattier is a really big ship that carries airplanes on it and airplanes are also known as aircraft). The two main powers in this war were Japan and America. America had a total of 3 carriers unfortunately after the landings in Guadalcanal the Wasp an American carrier had to re-fuel so America had a total of 2 carriers.
America had 176 aircraft and Japan had a total of 177 ( . Ryujo another American carrier was hit with several 1000 pound bombs, after the ship was repaired Americans fired back and there was a long battle that ended right before night fall. America had called it a draw because they didn’t want to fight over the sea at night, but Japan wanted to so America retreated. Japan had the chance to attack the ships but didn’t. America had won most of the wars and even the wars that they had lost Japan had heavy damages. So the outcome of the battles on Solomon Islands is that America had gained complete control over the Pacific Ocean and that had marked the break of the Japanese Navy (
By: Malachi Jennings

The Japanese had found the US fleet and the arrival of their force coincided with the return of some of the U.S. strike force who combined with the 50 U.S. fighters protecting the fleet and leading to considerable aerial confusion. In an inconclusive exchange, some US ships were damaged, but not seriously, and both fleets then withdrew. Meanwhile land-based US aircraft had found the transports that the Japanese were supposed to be escorting, sank one, severely damaged an escort cruiser, and drove the other two transports to shelter in the shore land Islands where the troops had to be reloaded into tanks for another attempt at reaching Guadalcanal.