Battle of the coral Sea
The battle of Coral Sea
Battle of the Coral Sea
The Japanese planned to seize New Guinea, the big and valuable Allied port on Papua's southern coast called " Port Moresby, and to Australia's northeast, the Island of Tulagi along the Solomon chain. By doing this, the Japanese could build airfields on Tulagi to control allied shipping lanes between America and Australia, and enlarge the Japanese empire defensive ring. The Japanese if successful would tighten the noose around Australia's neck a little more.

On 2 May, the Japanese landed at Tulagi in the Solomons. At the same time an invasion fleet headed towards Port Moresby on the south coast of Papua. This fleet was protected by planes from aircraft carriers. However an American carrier force supported by cruisers, and destroyers – HMAS Australia and HMAS Hobart among them – was waiting for the Japanese. (
American planes found the Japanese carrier Shoho and sank it. The Japanese also found an American carrier, the Lexington, and destroyed it. A Japanese carrier, the Shokaku, was also damaged as was the American carrier, Yorktown. However the Japanese, unsure of the full size of the American carrier force, retreated. Port Moresby and Resby had been saved and yet saw another day.

The Battle of Coral Sea was a victories. The Allied force 543 people and the 1,074 were killed for the Japanese. While Yorktown was damaged, it was quickly repaired at Pearl Harbor and was quick to race and aid the defeating Japanese. the Allies are Rear Admiral Frank J. Fletcher and Principal Units: 2 fleet carriers and 3 cruisers. The Japanese were Vice Admiral Takeo Takagi, Vice Admiral Shigeyoshi Inoue. The Principal Units were: 2 fleet carriers,1 light carriers, and 4 cruisers. The Japanese, sought to take more land after all their victories in 1942, so they decided to try to take over New Guinea. The battle took place from March 4-8, 1942. The Shokaku and Zuikaku were both badly damaged at the Battle of Coral Sea and therefore couldnt take part in the Battle of Midway in early June. boat.jpg