Battle of Stalingrad
by tyler long

The battle of Stalingrad was thought of as one of the worst wars of World War 2. In the course of the battle for Stalingrad most of Stalingrad was destroyed. About 100,000 Russian troops died in the course of the battle. And about 250,000 German troops died in the battle. Hitler wanted the city of Stalin from the very beginning of World War 2. There were a lot of citizen soldiers in the battle for Stalingrad. The German army was led by Paulus. The Russian army was led by Zhukov. The Russian army had more artillery and tanks. But less troops and planes then the Germans. In the course of the battle all of the territory taken by the Germans in the day the Russians took back at night.

Most of the soldiers in the German army knew that it was pretty much a suicide mission. Some German soldiers wrote notes back home explaining the situation. One soldier said he was horrified when he saw the map. He said without help from the outside Hitler had left them to fight for themselves. He also says that the troops in his unit already know the truth. He also wrote that when Stalingrad falls you will read and hear about it then you will know I am not coming home(

Abby 3rd hour
The battle of Stalingrad is considered the turning point of WWII by most historians. This battle was faught in the winter of 1942 to 1943. By mid 1942 the German army had either killed or captured more then six million Russian soldiers. Hitler's plan was to take over the capital city of Moscow. He knew that by doing so, he would take out most of Russia's military forces. Taking out Russia's Military forces was his ultimate goal and noone could convince him otherwise.