a map of the Pacific Ocean during 1942

Battle of Midway by Jesse Grubbs

The outbreak of pacific war started in December 1941. The Japanese were conducting operations on other countries territories. The U.S., the British, and Dutch territories that were taken are Malaysia, Singapore, the Dutch East Indies, the Philippines, and various island groups. The Japanese did all this by March 1942. They tried to take control of the whole Pacific Ocean but this one incident stopped it for a while. They were planning an invasion on Port Moresby which is in Papua New Guinea. But the U.S. had intelligence that told them about this plan. This was one of the many plans that Japan had to take over all of pacific.

The battle began at midnight on June 14, 1942. Then an U.S. patrol plane spotted two Japanese carriers flying towards Midway. He quickly sent this information to the base. The first attack happened when the U.S. attacked Japanese transport ships also coming towards the island. Then Japanese bombers bombed U.S. installations. Then pretty much after that they bombed each other back and forth for days. On the last day of the battle U.S. ships the Enterprise and the Hornet came and finished off the Japanese ships. But later the next day the U.S. ship Yorktown sank after being under heavy fire from torpedoes.

On the 19th of June a ship was sent to where the last survivors of a Japanese ship were last spotted and were taken as prisoners. Then shortly after that they found two U.S. soldiers from a plane that crashed. These were the only survivors of the battle of Midway.


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The Battle of Midway was fought near and over tiny U.S. mid pacific base at the Midway atoll it represents the strategic high water mark of Japan’s Pacific Ocean war. With this action Japan had possessed a general naval superiority over the United Sates it could usually pick when and where to attack. The United Sates soon took the offensive and the two opposing fleets were essentially equals after Midway. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto a Japanese combined fleet commander moved on Midway in an effort to draw out and destroy the U.S. Pacific fleet’s aircraft carrier striking the force. This had embarrassed the Japanese Navy in the mid April Doolittle Raid on Japan’s home islands and at the Battle of Coral Sea in early May. He had planned to quickly knock down Midway’s defenses follow up with an invasion of the atoll’s two small islands and establish a Japanese air base there. He had expected U.S. carriers to come out and fight but to arrive too late to save Midway and in insufficient strength to avoid defeat by his own well tested carrier air power.