musashi_001.jpgBattle of Leyte Gulf : by Cody Howling.
On October 20, 1944, the Battle at Leyte began and lasted for only 5 days. The Battle of Leyte Gulf was fought for control of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. 2 years earlier the Japanese took the Philippines from America. This was a key place in the war to form armies, plan attacks, and for soldiers to recover and go back into war. Leyte Gulf is surrounded by straights that flow into the Gulf. This battle was by far the biggest battle of the war, more then 20 ships were sunk and over 30 were damaged.( Both sides had no help from other countries or armies, and had to fight by them selves.

The four battles where fierce and many sailors were lost. The first battle was fought in Palawan passage, which is a dangerous reef-infested area. Two submarines Darter and Dace, ambushed the two Japanese ships. The second battle was fought far from Leyte Gulf, The American Air planes and boats bombarded the Japanese with missiles and torpedoes, and cannon fire. These two battles were the most important because they set the tone for the battle. The Japanese were trying desperately to sink the American ships; they even went as far as to sacrifice their lives and crash there own planes into the ships. The whole battle lasted 5 days, 22 ships were sunk in total thousands of brave men and women lost there lives for there countries. In the end the Japanese were almost completely wiped out by the constant fighting of the battle.air_plane.jpg


Rachelle Fernandez: Battle of Leyte Gulf
This battle was the largest and greatest naval battle that had ever been fought. By the end of the was the Ozawa had been sunk. The Japanese had lost 4 of the aircrafts, 3 battleships, 8 cruisers, and 12 destroyers. They had lost 10,000 and many more had been killed. The allies had lost a lot less than the Japanese, but they had killed 1,500. The fleets had clashed in October from the 23 to the 26 in 1944. They put to 1,000 pounds in one bomber. This battle was in world war two and the largest naval battle. This battle had lasted for four days. The president was Roosevelt and he didn’t need Macarthur. This battle was separated in four parts each of these were Admiral Soemu Toyoada, vice admiral shoji nishimura, vice admiral kiyohide shima, and the admiral jisaburo Ozawa.(