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The battle of Guadalcanal started in 1942 on August 17.The Island of Guadalcanal, 2510 square mile
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Jungle. A Spanish expedition discovered the island in 1568, but it formed the British Empire when
Japanese occupied it in the early time of World War
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Culmination of three months’ fighting in the waters surrounding.
The invasion of Guadalcanal
Operation took the Americans six months to defeat the Japan.
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allied forces landed on Guadalcanal on August 7, 1942.
Their primary mission was to keep the Japanese from using the island as a staging point for raids
Against the supply line between the United States and Australia. Once secured, the island would
Serve as stepping-off point for
the south pacific.
The Battle of Guadalcanal by: Deanna Smith
The Battle of Guadalcanal was a very interesting battle that had many different events and factors in it. The battle took place in August 1942 when the US Marines landed. This battle took place between US and Japan. The head of all US naval forces, Admiral Ernest King, wanted to attack the Japanese on Guadalcanal to get rid of the threat that they posed. Despite the Roosevelt Churchill directive that gave the European war zone priority, the Chiefs-of-Staff in Washington said yes. This was the first American offensive campaign since Pearl Harbour in December 1941. King's plan was; that the 1st US Marine Division would land in Guadalcanal and secure a beach head to allow other US forces to land. However, the 1st US Marine Division, commanded by Major General Alexander Yandegirift, had many men in it who had no combat experience. Vandegrift was told that his men would get time to train once they were in the Pacific as opposed to their base in North Carolina. However, by the end of June, half his division had still not arrived in the war zone and the date for the attack was just 5 weeks away. On August 7th, the Americans started their attack on Guadalcanal. At first the Japanese would not admit that the US had won and they sent even more forces over. In mid-November 1942, planes from Henderson attacked a convoy of ships bringing Japanese reinforcements to Guadalcanal. Of eleven transport ships, six were sunk, one was severely damaged and four had to be beached. Only 2,000 men ever reached Guadalcanal - but few had any equipment as this had been lost at sea. On December 1942, the emperor ordered a withdrawal from Guadalcanal. This withdrawal took place from January to February 1943( Finally the japans admitted that the US had won. ww2.JPGww2_2.JPG