Battle of Britain

By Patti:
The Battle of Britain took place in July to august of 1940. This battle started because Germany wanted to take over Britain. Germany took over France so they wanted to take over Britain. In order for them to take over Britain they needed to take over the English Channel. If they did take over the channel it would stop the shipment of goods to Britain it would also stop the British from destroying the barges that the Germans had set up, to land in Kent and Sussex (beach). Since the Germans wanted to take over the channels they needed control over the air.
To protect the channel the British had Sir Hugh Dowling, of the Royal Air Force. He led the Fighter Command. All or most of the experienced fliers died in the battle with France. Since Britain was under attack they had about 51 radar bases built, on the coasts of Britain, in the spring of 1940. The British also had ROC (Royal Observer Corpse) to do practically do the same thing as the radar bases. 1000 ROC was built. The British had the advantage to this battle. They had the advantage because they could land for fuel. The Germans had the bad end of the stick because they couldn’t stop to fuel their planes also when they ran out of ammo they couldn’t refuel themselves, that ment that they were open for fire.
When the war first began the Luftwaffe had around 4000 aircrafts. As soon as the incident in France occurred the Germans only lost 100 of those aircrafts. Well on the other hand the British only had 1660.
Starting in august the Luftwaffe started night bomb ratings. But soon after the leader of the Luftwaffe ( german airforce) decided to discontinue the night time bombings, he thought that they were unimportant and useless. Because of his bad decisions due to ignorance one of the radar towers found very useful information on where the Luftwaffe was planning to attack next. Since the radar towers knew this valuable information it gave the RAF time to recover from earlier losses and it gave them time to recover from the tiring blitz that happened that DAY.
On august 17 the Germans lost 60 planes while the bitts only lost 28. The next few days later Hitler seized the planned invasions even though the night raids still went on.


edited by eric

Some more info you should know is that the best pilots in the RAF were killed in the war of France. They never had time to replace the dead pilots. The planes used by the RAF were the spitfire and the hurricane. The Luftwaffe used the Messcherschmitt and there junky dive bombers. The Luftwaffe had 1400 bombers 300 dive bombers 800 single engines fighters and finally 240 twin engine airplanes. The Germans went to take over the Straights of Dover. The Germans failed on there attempts and were sent packing back to Germany.