Battle of Okinawa By: Morgan Bolduc

The Battle of Okinawa was one of the deadliest battle of World War 2. It took place in Japan on an island called Okinawa. The battle went from April to June of 1945. The battle of Okinawa was a bloody battle killing many people. Over 70,000 Americans were killed. Over 32,000 Americans were injured or hurt. A lot of Japanese people were killed also. The battle was the turning point of the war. It was the last battle of World War 2. Americans thought that not very many people, soldiers were on the island, thinking it would be the perfect spot to attack. Obviously, they were wrong. A very large number of soldiers were waiting on the island. The Americans miscalculated and then ended up screwing up. The Americans were the ones who got the bad end of the stick.
When the Americans thought of attacking the island they estimated the wrong number of people on the island. The Americans were the ones who got attacked instead. Then when they went to the island to attack the people they were in for a surprise. Both sides did not know what was going to happen to them. The Americans did not know that the Japanese people were going to have a victory there. Americans thought that thinking they were going to win was a good a good idea. But obviously it was not. A lot of people risked there lives for the cause to this battle. The Air Force, Navy and Marines all had there ships and craft that went down. They didn’t know what was going to happen. But at least they tried there best in the battle. Both sides wanted to win and tried. They were surprised at the outcome of the battle.
Although the Japanese won the victory, the Americans also won something, the whole war itself. The war ended because of the battle of Okinawa (one of the deadliest one of the war). But then because of the end of the war, everyone could then rest and settle down. But there was a lot of damage done everywhere. Everyone involved in the war had a lot of cleaning up to do. They had to rebuild and bury all the people who had sacrificed themselves to the war. okinawa.JPG

Edited by Henry Acosta
kinawa is the largest island of the Ryukyus islands. America sadly lost that battle for have some miscalculations and lost. The United States estimated to only be 60 thousand troops, but instead there were about 130 thousand Japanese troops, and 450000 civilians on that island, while the USA only had 180000 troops Lieutenant- General
Ushijima was the lieutenant and was order to hold on to the island at all cost. The lieutenant chooses his battle techniques care fully. This battle was I believe one of the bloodiest battles in history. Many people died in that battle on both sides, and many people got injured.

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