Attack On Poland.
by Meghan Baumann

Hitler requested to make a non-aggression pact on Poland in January 1934, and the Germans didn’t really like that idea because they hated the fact that Poland had received the former German provinces.( As a matter of fact they resented it. However, hitler didnt follow the pact and Poland was attacked by Germany on September 1st 1939. The code name was “Operation White” (Fall Weiss).( It started exactly at 04.45 hours, and that’s the beginning of the attack on Poland and world war two!
The blitzkrieg (attack using all the forces you have) went right through the polish military, and by the end of September the north side of Poland surrendered. The Germans and the Polish had a very big difference in the number of supplies. The Germans had more supplies than the Polish; therefore it was easier in battles for the Germans. Germany had eleven tanks and the Polish only had one. There was one thing the polish had more than the Germans and that’s cavalry brigades. Germany only had one and the Polish had eleven. (
Another good thing the polish had was an effective navy. They had four destroyers, five submarines, two gunboats, a mine layer, and six mine sweepers. ( The Germans were smart and built there navy up also and they made theirs better and out classed the Polish. That’s why its east to understand why the Germans defeated the polish in only a few weeks. This is a quote by general von Brauchitsch, “The object of the operation is the destruction of the polish armed forces. The idea of execution is by a surprise entry into polish territory.” (
There was a group led by von Rundstedt who attacked the South and another group led by von bock attacked the North. There was attacking and killing all over but the middle Poland was pretty safe so polish built themselves up and then polish attacked and put all their faith into a lightening attack.
Later on both of the armies a set target on Warsaw. The polish and the Germans were on there way. The closer and closer both the armies got the worse it got, and the more formidable the armies got. In mid September there was disarray, Warsaw surrendered to the Germans on September 3, 1939.
This was the Attack plan on Poland

Germany had 40 infantry divisions and Poland had 30 and Poland had no motorized divisions and Germany had four. The air was greater for German forces with 850 bomber and dive-bombers and 400 fighters. Poland only had 210 bombers and fighters. The Polish army was the first to feel the full wrath of the blitzkrieg.

“On September 5th our corps had a surprise visit from Adolf Hitler. I met him near Plevno on the Tuchel-Schwetz road, got into his car, and drove with him along the line of our previous advance. We passed the destroyed Polish artillery, went through the Schwetz, and then, following closely behind our encircling troops, drove to Graudenz, where he stopped and gazed for some time at the blown bridges over the Vistula. At the sight of the smashed artillery regiment, Hitler had asked me: “Our dive-bombers did that?” When I replied, “No, our Panzers!”, he was clearly astonished.” Heinz Guderian
The number of deaths was 27,279 and missing in action was 5,029 for Poland. My Source for this information is Edited By Michael Campana