German Aircraft

----By Teressa Cruz

We all may know that the big, bad Germans started the WW2, but the aircraft involved is very interesting. There were many types of planes; most, if not all, were named after the creators or commanders.
In the 1930s, the treaty from WW1 banned military power of enemies, especially Germany. This military power included any weaponry, explosives, and aircraft that could be used for an attack. However, this didn’t include the use of civil aircraft. So the Germans began constructing.

The aircraft they built were constructed to be used as fighters, ground-control, bombers, attackers, recon and patrol, and transports/carriers. Bucker Jungmann was one of the great trainers for Germany’s aircrafts. Because the Germans had this unexpected air force, they started the war along with Japan. This huge air force is known as Luftwaffe, and it involved dozens of different types of planes.

These planes include:
Blohm und Voss – interceptor, torpedo bomber
Gotha Go – trainer
Henschel – fighter, ground attacks, trainers
Heinkel – fighters, transporters
Messerschmitt – fighters (heavy)
Siebel – transporters
Arado – fighters, trainers
Junkers – transporters, (heavy) bombers
Focke-Wulf – heavy fighters
Dornier – bombers, transporters

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The Germans used a fast aircraft called the ME-262.It is the fastest aircraft in the German army in 1944.The first operational turbo jetfithter aircraft.The aircraft can only have one person flying the plaen

Jonathan earl Snell
The royal British air force had many air planes for example the Bristol Beaufort. This was a standard bomber. It would come in and drop bombs on the battle. This ship is heaver because it had a crew of 4 men. It was successful by attacking the Japanese battle ships. This plane has a twin engine. This was used from 1943 to 1990.
Another air craft in the braf is the short s-45 Sunderland. This British aircraft was used to transport solders to battle and civilians to safety. The short s-45 Sunderland is a flying boat one of the most successful ww2. It had a fat belly and was well armed plus reliable. This air plane could land on water if needed to. The primary function is patrol.

American Aircraft

The first two years of World War 2, planes weren’t seen in combat. In those two years, America was not included in the war. In that time, America was a supplier of goods to other allied countries. They built tons of material, together with airplane parts. The golden age of aircraft was between the end of World War 1 and the beginning of World War 2. Many important planes were made in America. American planes made history in the Second World War. World War 2 was the advent of modern aviation.

Aircraft went through many variants in its early days. Republic, North American, Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed, and Bell were some companies that produced planes by the thousands. Occasionally, American Pilots would fly planes for Britain. These men were volunteers. Other than those few men, America was just the supplier for all the allied countries. This angered many people. And others wanted the USA to stop keeping the allies supplied.

In world war two, an American plane, the B-29 Superforteress was the airplane to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. They dropped this bomb on August 6th, 1945. During the war there were two types of engines used in planes. One type was the radial engine. This was used between 1920 and 1950. It wasn’t as advanced as the newer engine, the in-line engine. This was the next generation engine. It was more advanced than the radial engines that came before it.

Nowadays, we still find American aircraft from WWII. Some have washed up on the beach. And some have been discovered in random places. These planes were the planes that fought in our war. And they wrecked or crashed. The pilots who were involved in WWII were amazingly brave. They were a big part in the fighting of WWII.

-Sheyenne Musgrave