The Allied Italian Campaign
By Kyle Wirtz

The allied Italian campaign began on September 9, 1943. The allied wanted to trick the Germans into thinking they were going to attack Sardinia and Corsica. They reason for the trick on the Germans was so that they could have the biggest amphibious landing ever called operation husky. The Americans wanted t charge and invade, but the British wanted to wait and bomb them until they had a chance to strike. Americans thought that the invasion would drain soldiers and equipment. General Marshall thought “if the British wanting the Italy campaign then the Americans would work more on the pacific war and let the Europeans on their own.” Operation husky continued even after the Germans took defensive action. Operation husky was a success. It took them 38 days to move Germans across the Strait of Messina. “US 7th army lost 7500 deaths British 8th army lost 11,500 soldiers, Germans lost 12000 dead or captured, Italians lost 145,000 people.

The allied hoped that the invasion would take Italy out of the war. If Italy was out of the war the royal navy could take control of the Mediterranean sea which would help improve communication with the far east and far west, and Italy could be used as airfields. The soldiers who won the North Africa campaign would invade Sicily on July 10, 1943. The Germans had to evacuate out of Italy. British landed on the toe of Italy on September 3, 1943. The Italy government surrendered right away. The allied got to the south German defensive line that ran across the country from where Garigliano River meets Tyrrhenian Sea through the Apennine Mountains to the Sangro River on the Adriatic Sea, it was called the Winter line. It was the strongest defensive line south of Rome. It had concrete bunkers, gun pits, machine guns, and minefields. They got to Monte Cassino, and had four battles there that started on January 4, 1944. The battle broke through the Gustav line. Monte Cassino was captured on May 1944. The allied could now get to Rome. They attacked France instead of Germany. They eventually got to Germany’s last line of defense called the Gothic Line.

Italian Campaign

Allied Campaign Path Taken.