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The Japanese and the United States of America both were concerned about the Aleutian islands. The Aleutian Islands were amazing travel between the two countries. The weather there wasn't very great, there was cold winds and dense fog that made it difficult to see. The terrian was craggy mountains and scant vegatation. The weather and terrain made military access undesirable. The Aleutian Islands are 1200 west of the tip of the Alaska's pennisula. Midway also plays a big part in the Aleutian Islands "battle." Midway is in the Pacific Ocean, aproximatly 1100 miles northwest of Hawaii's main islands. The weather there isn't the greatest either, there is dense fog and bad weather.

The Japanese wanted the Aleutian Islands for many reasons. To begin, the Aleutian Islands were amazing travel between the the United States and Japan. When sixteen U.S. B-25 bombers led by Lt.Col. James H. Doolittle took off from the carrier Hornet and bombed Tokyo on April 18, 1942 the Japanese leaders did not know where the bomb originated from ( Therefore, they assumed that the bomb originated in the Aleutian islands. Before Japan entered WW2, its navy gathered tons of information on the Aleutian islands, but no up to date info on military developments. Japan suspected that the U.S. had already stared defense there with: aircrafts, destroyers, cruisers, and warships. Chester Nimitz was in command of the U.S. Naval Pacific Fleet. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto started a plan, with the help of the Japanese Army, to "invade and occupy strategic points in the western Aleutians and Midway Island on the western tip of the Hawaiian chain. Then he would use the two islands as defensive perimeters for north and central pacific. Some way, some how he thought he would be able to destroy the U.S. Pacific Fleet by confusing and weakening them.

Early June 1942 an attack that Yamamoto believed would draw U.S. fleet north to challenge his forces. With the departure of U.S. warships from Pearl Harbor, Yamamoto would move his fleet to seize Midway. Midway was important to the U.S. because it was within bomber range of Pearl Harbor. Nimitz would therefore, have to redirect his fleet from the Aleutian islands to Midway to prevent the loss of the island. However, something the U.S. did not know was that waiting at Midway to intercept the U.S. force was the largest concentration of naval power ever assembled by Japan. This attack left the American fleet in awe at the 180+ warships, aircrafts,and transports. After overwhelming the American fleet, Yamamoto would have undisputed control of the central and western Pacific. On June 3rd,1942, Dutch Harbor, close to Alaska was attacked by two light carriers. However, the main battle was far to the south off Midway between the carrier aircraft of the Americans and the Japanese. On the 4th and 5th, all four Japanese carriers- "AKAGI", "HIRYU", "KAGA" and "SORYU" went down. "YORKTOWN" was badly damaged and finished off by a Japanese submarine on the 7th. The Japanese forces retreated, Midway was spared, and the Allies had their first major strategic victory of World War 2. However the Japanese Navy remained strong, with more cariers in th Pacific than the Americans. The occupation at this time of Attu and Kiska in the Aleutians was of little consequence.(

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Aleutian’s westernmost island is Attu. 70 islands stretch across at 1,700 miles from Alaska all the way up to 650 miles of the Kurile Islands. The islands were used as a base for the Japanese, to limit the air and water fighting. Allowing them to have an escape route. Aleutian Islands were also used for easy invasions on Alaska. Advanced airfields were established on Adak and Amchitka, around august 1942. American bombers attacked the islands. To recapture Kiska and Attu Vice Admiral Thomas E. decided to make “plans.” -Destiny Adams