Admiral William Frederick Halsey Jr.
or “Bull” Halsey By Nathan Harris

Admiral “Bull” Halsey was one of the best aviators in World War II. He was born on October 30, 1882 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Halsey was a naval aviator in the Navy in 1935. At fifty two he took command of the USS Saratoga from 1935 to '37. ( When Halsey was a commander on the USS Enterprise he led the first counter strikes on the Japanese after they bombed Hawaii's Pearl Harbor. The counter strikes were on Gilbert Island right off the coast of Australia and on the Marshall Islands located all over the Pacific Ocean. Later on in that same year his task force launched the famous “Doolittle Raid.” The Doolittle Raid happened on April 18, 1942 and was one of the most daring operations in the war. What happened was Lieutenant James H. Doolittle launched an air attack on Japan that would get the U.S. Some very strategic locations near Japan.( Also in 1942 Halsey led the Army, Marines, and the Navy to conquer the Solomon Islands.

Halsey's slogan during the war was “Hit hard, hit fast, hit often.” Halsey's nickname was “Bull” for a reason of course. That reason was because he was one of, if not the best aviators in World War II. On December 11, 1945 Halsey became the fourth officer to become Fleet Admiral of the Navy. A ship has also been named in Halsey's honor. It earned eight battle stars for service in Vietnam. The ship also received a Navy Unit Commendation and a Meritorious Unit Commendation. Sadly however Halsey died due to a heart attack he suffered at Fisher's Island. Halsey was only 72 on August 16, 1959 when he died. But, because of how amazing he was in battle, Halsey will always be remembered.

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By: Brianna Montgomery

Admiral Bull loved the sea. He was on sea for twenty-five years; he finally came on shore for two years, to take a job in duty for the naval academy. He was a much loved man, and people just adored him. When he completed his cruise, he finally got to take on his aviation career, and for two years, he got to be an aviator. He basically lived on the boat, because he was on it for so long. This man was in WWII, and he flew planes, and dropped gas, and water, and other potent gases onto the towns, and cities. Bull’s real name is Admiral William Frederick Halsey, Jr. He is the son of William Fredrick Halsey sr. Rest in Peace Admiral Bull.

This is Admiral Bull Halsey.

This is Admiral Bull Halsey in hiding.

Admiral Bull Halsey Is sitting with his hat on. It's his naval academy hat.